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I don't really do resolutions. I don't think there is much point to them usually, but right now I find myself wanting to devote a bit more effort towards a goal. I cast on for my third project with my handspun this weekend, and I find I want to knit up more of what I have. I really like the feeling of using stuff I made and seeing how it knits up and behaves. So, in addition to the yarn and fiber diet that I've been on for the past two years (mostly following that...) I will try to find more suitable projects and knit up some of my handspun.
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Mother rabbit and child

Wishing you peace and harmony in the new year.


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I haven't updated with my recent knitting. First I was all showing my spinning from the Tour de Fleece, but neglected my knitting. Life's been a little crazy!

I finished some socks. (In August. *cough*)
Charade Socks - Finished
Charade [Rav link] by Sandra Park, knit with Conjoined Creations Flat Feet. A fun knit that wasn't too mindless and wasn't too difficult. I started these in Brazil earlier this year. Only modification was to add extra stitches around.
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Triad - Skeins

Done at last. Finished it up a few days ago and it's all washed and pretty. Spun and plied worsted on my wheel. I stripped down color sections for three of the bobbins to see what that would do. About 1148 yards, 15.5 oz, 2-ply, about 14 wpi.

Triad - Loose

Now, what to spin next.
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I started off the Tour de Fleece with the grand plan of spinning up one 1 lb. braid of fiber. With that goal, I failed.

At the first, I felt I had plenty of time. I wanted to finish up a project that I had just barely started at Knitting Pirate's house. I spun a lot of merino that I had fed through a drum carder. Tore the bats into little hand size bits and spun them from the fold. The finished two-ply is really soft and snuggly. I look forward to knitting with it.

Green Merino - Loose
but I did keep on spinning )
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Yesterday I went through all my stash. Well, all the fiber stash, any way. No reason to disturb the yarn. I dug out fiber I was thinking of spinning soon. I wanted some fun spinning and to maybe start one of those spindle projects (mmmm pygora). Found a good little pile of stuff and started digging through my spindles, and then found this:

Greensleeves Vixen

Oh right. I had intended on spinning the pygora on this spindle. Guess I should work on finishing that one up instead....
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Last year, I was involved with a spin-a-long with the Fricke community, so I took a pass, but this year I think I am going to compete in the Tour de Fleece. Just so you know what kind of loopy this is, the first guideline (guideline, not rule) is this:

Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 3rd through Sunday July 25th. Days of rest: Monday July 12th, Wednesday July 21st. (Just like the actual tour)

So, that is my goal. I am also setting the goal to spin up the pound of corriedale I dyed at Yarnschool on my Fricke. I'm thinking a nice two-ply that would make a suitable sweater or vest.

The intended fiber:

I worry that I might finish it before the end, so I need to come up with something else just in case. Maybe this?

Woodsy Batts

Since I'll be doing some traveling, I think I need a spindle to take, just to keep up with the goal of spinning every day....

Laura's Pygoras - Yoda

AVFKW - 10% Chance of Rain II - Detail
Or this?

Of course, I'll need to be sipping some Le Tour de France just to keep in the spirit of things.
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Back at home and back to my stash. This has lead to full-on fiber flirtation. I keep thinking about all the things I could be spinning or playing with, but unable to commit to any of them at the moment.

While in Brazil, I finished a project that has been on my spindle for a good year and a half.
Brasil - Loose
spindle spinning and new fibers )
So this just starts me off to wanting to play with my fibers even more, but unable to decide what to do just yet. Last night, at least, my solution was to knit more so I can move things through my queue and it will be easier to decide.

the last

1 May 2010 10:15 pm
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The last of my Brazil photos are up. They are of the weekend up in Itaipava.


18 Apr 2010 11:25 pm
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Saquarema - Fishermen at Sunset

This weekend's photos added to the Brazil Set.

voo livre

11 Apr 2010 06:38 pm
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Have a photo from today.

Hang Gliding Janis
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Went to the Maracana to see Fluminense lose to Botafogo. Will catch up tomorrow.

Instead, enjoy the updated picture set on Flickr.

Pão de Açúcar 05

Rio Zoo - Tree
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Waiting For The Ferry

A few photos from the ferry ride to the party last night. I thought they turned out nicely with the light available.


1 Apr 2010 04:12 pm
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Cloudy Rooftops

Putting photos of our trip up on Flickr in the Brazil 2010 set.
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Spinning's been a comfort for me lately. It was something I could do when my left wrist hurt, and it was something I could do with [ profile] metachaos when she was staying with us.

First, a sad thing. The connector between the treadle and the footman broke, so I had to send off the treadle to be fixed.
Rune's New Bucket
Rune liked her new bucket.
all spun up )
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Oh what is this? Oh this is a knitting post.

Since I hurt my wrist over the summer knitting, I haven't been as diligent with updating my knitting, but since I pulled out a pair of socks during the Olympics, it is okay to catch up.

I've finished a few things since the sweater.

Rainbow Star - Finished
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1 Mar 2010 10:46 am
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Raven's Forest - Finish Line

Entered in the Ravelympics and the Knitting Olympics. Cast-on on February 12th and cast-off on February 27th.

Pattern: Kew by Polly Outhwaite
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Lightweight in Ravenscroft
Needles: US1
Events: Sock Hockey - Winter Ravelympics 2010
Team: Team Angsylvania


13 Feb 2010 05:55 pm
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December and January ate my life, so I hope you excuse the lateness.

2010 Year of the Tiger, copyright Janis Neville

Happy New Year!
(Better late than never, no?)
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Fiber Pile
Now, over a month later, I'm getting around to posting about Yarn School. Nikol made her post about it and I went "oh yea, I still need to do that." more below, because I like pictures )
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This past Saturday was World Wide Spin In Public Day and Holly and I made the most of it! We packed up our wheels and journeyed to Iowa City to meet up with other spinners from Fae Ridge Farm and spin at the local mall. We got a lot of interest from those passing by. One lady sat down and learned to spin on a drop spindle and several kids wanted to treadle the wheels, although that seemed to be the only attraction. It was all very positive and it was great to sit and talk with the Fae Ridge and Craft Guild folks. There was a bit of Mexican food and margaritas afterward while being amused by a giggling baby. The only detraction to the day was a home game for University of Iowa, which meant getting home took longer than expected, but it gave us even more reason to hang out at the local co-op while theoretically waiting for the traffic to clear out. Great day out.
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