1 Mar 2010 10:46 am
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Raven's Forest - Finish Line

Entered in the Ravelympics and the Knitting Olympics. Cast-on on February 12th and cast-off on February 27th.

Pattern: Kew by Polly Outhwaite
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Lightweight in Ravenscroft
Needles: US1
Events: Sock Hockey - Winter Ravelympics 2010
Team: Team Angsylvania
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The Rose headscarf is finished!

Because I derive much amusement from this, pre-blocking...

Where you can see how the changes in stitches pull the fabric into bumps and valleys.

And post-blocking...

And how the blocking pulls it all flat and brings out the pattern.

I made up the pattern, using the Ostrich Plume lace pattern from Barbara Walker's Treasury. Yarn is some rose-coloured hand-dyed merino by Robyn at ReBelle.

Other knitting news, I'm swatching for some socks.
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I finally finished one of my longest running projects, the River Scarf for Silere.
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Finished Feather and Fan headscarf Finished Feather and Fan headscarf
Just finished without ends woven in.
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Rainbow Cowl for Mom Rainbow Cowl for Mom
Mom really liked this colorway of Noro Iro (70), so I grabbed a skein and knit her this seed stitch cowl.
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Ravenclaw scarf is now completed. Next, washing and blocking.

From Above

From Above

It's raining and thundering outside. Mmmmmm....
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Water scarf, pre-blocking Water scarf, pre-blocking
My water scarf, using a feather and fan lace pattern. This is how it looked before blocking. Yarn: laceweight in Verdeazul.
Water scarf, during blocking Water scarf, during blocking
Water scarf during blocking. It is pinned to some foam while it dries.
Water scarf, stitch detail Water scarf, stitch detail
Detail of the stitches, while it is blocking.
Water scarf, post-blocking Water scarf, post-blocking
The patterns really show up nicely after blocking!
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Currently in the mail to [ profile] morgandria and [ profile] barkman
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Finally, I can post pictures of my holiday knitting! pix [7] )
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