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At long last, the sweater is done. I finished it up in early July, but waited to post about it until after it had been presented to its recipient. This was knit for Larry, [ profile] iii_demon's dad. Wish we could have made it wine colored, but at least it should hide the coffee stains a bit.

Starbucks Jacket - Finished 4
Modeled by [ profile] iii_demon.
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Summers are always busy and I never post quite when I intend to. These arrived on my doorstep a bit early, but here I am posting about them after my birthday.

My lovely birthday present from my family:
Alvin Ramer Super Mini Combs
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After much anticipation, this weekend [ profile] metachaos, [ profile] merryone and I went to the Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival. We bought some fiber and spindles and had some lamb burgers and brats, as you do. And then I went to the Hall of Breeds to visit the Jacob sheep booth to pick up the fleece I had arranged to get.

One Bag

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So, I got my hands on some wool combs.

English Combs
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I seem to be doing more spinning than knitting lately. It may just be because of the slog of the sweater. I just have about 3 increases left and the top of the sleeve shaping to do, but do I pick it up? No, I think about casting on for something else instead. It will get done, though.

After all the prep, spinning and respinning, I now have some sock yarn.
Nebula Socks - Wave 2
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Alien Alpaca
More photos in the Flickr set.

Went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool with Rachyl last Saturday and we had a wonderful time. We did some major fiber shopping, but stayed within our budgets, didn't splurge on new wheels or drum carders, and most notably, didn't buy ANY yarn. Wore Melusine a bit and got many compliments. Wandered the sheep barns and got offers of freshly bagged merino (I swear it was like a drug deal, back in the shadows of the barn). Glad to meet up with some friends, although I missed others (and the Ravelry meetup and the sheep dog demos). By the end of the day, my feet were aching (and I think I bruised the top of my instep) but I was happy.

Note to self: do this again with Rachyl next year.
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Often, I have wished I could crochet. I really prefer knitting because I like the fabric it makes for garments and socks. But there are some things that are really good in crochet, like some lace elements, or sturdy things like bags, or free-form sculptural things.

I've always wanted to make A Maiden's Glory which wouldn't work well in knitting. It was always an unattainable object though. Too difficult to start on and not practical. It didn't kick me in the butt to actually learn, but to just desire it from afar.

But here....

I've begun to try to learn beyond a simple chain.

What got me to try?
Leprosy Bandages
(from The AntiCraft blog)

I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to try to make a few bandages. Nothing fancy, just single crochet for a few feet. Maybe not exciting, but good for practice and it is learning something new.

And then I catch myself eying the old orange and green acrylic zig-zag afghan from the 70s, trying to figure out how it was made.... This may just be one small step on the path to doom...
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Things have been very slow on the knitting front lately. That would mostly be due to a big, manly sweater.
Starbucks Jacket - Pile of Pieces
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So the important decisions in life:
Sock Yarn Threesome
Which sock pattern do I want to knit next? (Ignoring the fact that I haven't yet finished my first sock of the current pair.) 'Vog On, Teosinte, or Monkey.
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Time for knitting catch up!
Dainty Bess - Detail
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20 Feb 2009 11:02 pm
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Kata Tjuta from the side
I just found all my photos from Australia on this computer, so I thought I would put up a few to share on my Flickr account. Hoping to use it for a few other things besides cataloging yarn.

Australia 2004
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So, I was chatting with a friend about spinning and confessed "I've never actually knit anything with my handspun". She then says to the effect, "You could knit anything, even just a swatch..."

Grabbed the nostepinne and my little targhee sample skein, wound it up and started knitting away.
Romney skein and ball, with targhee swatch

Hey, look at that. It looks kind of like yarn.

Hm... it really looks like yarn.
Targhee Swatch

This is dangerous. This could just tip me over the edge, buying fleeces, spinning up pounds of yarn, knitting myself sweaters. It is a dangerous dangerous thing.

Yet, I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Thank you to all my crazy friends and family who love me enough for this.
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I've been spinning but not posting...

"Gin and Tonic" romney by Spunky Eclectic.
Gin and Tonic - Skein detail
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8 Jan 2009 11:17 am
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With great joy, I can announce my first published pattern!

Melusine - Detail
Melusine, published in The AntiCraft.

I got the idea for this back in 2007 and worked on it through most of 2008, from knitting to dyeing to wrestling it into a shape to be published. I'm glad it is finished and out there for others to see.

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Posting this early since I'm going to be occupied with MAGfest tomorrow.

Year of the Cow

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます。
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Oh, so behind with photos of my spinning! I have another 4 ounces done and ready to be photographed, but I haven't posted these yet!

"Twilight" from

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When heading out to visit my parents, I realized I had a whole car to myself, so I decided to bring along Philomena and some spinning fiber. I brought along about 20 oz total of spinning fiber (various types), intending on spinning it up while visiting. What I've finished so far...

"Sarah" from

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This fiber gave me the fits. It was oddly prepared and had to be coaxed into something spinnable. It was short stapled and I flipped out at it a few times and put it into time out when I wasn't able get it twisted enough to stay together. I spun the sunshine-colored stuff in a fit of frustration with the purple.

But it looks like something real. It looks actually like yarn. Certainly not perfect, but it looks, and feels good (especially if you ignore all the knots in the underplied spots).

And now it goes to live with [ profile] metachaos, who will hopefully knit something mindless for herself out of it.
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Last Saturday was the Light the Night walk and I had a good time. The evening was really nice and there were so many people in such a small area and all kinds of events. [ profile] cmplxty7 and her son came with me and we spent most of the time roaming the fringes until the walk started and we each lost our ballons right before the start! So much for lighting the night. But it was a really great experience to see all these people coming out in support of friends and loved ones that have had blood cancers. And I had to smile every time I saw someone with a white balloon, because they were a survivor like me.

I do have a little give away! I assigned numbers to the list of donators and a random number picker chose [ profile] thndrstd! I've emailed him and we've figured out some custom knitting I'll be doing for him.

I want to thank every single person who donated. I think I'll be doing this again next year and maybe have it pulled together a bit more.
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