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Oh what is this? Oh this is a knitting post.

Since I hurt my wrist over the summer knitting, I haven't been as diligent with updating my knitting, but since I pulled out a pair of socks during the Olympics, it is okay to catch up.

I've finished a few things since the sweater.

Rainbow Star - Finished
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Often, I have wished I could crochet. I really prefer knitting because I like the fabric it makes for garments and socks. But there are some things that are really good in crochet, like some lace elements, or sturdy things like bags, or free-form sculptural things.

I've always wanted to make A Maiden's Glory which wouldn't work well in knitting. It was always an unattainable object though. Too difficult to start on and not practical. It didn't kick me in the butt to actually learn, but to just desire it from afar.

But here....

I've begun to try to learn beyond a simple chain.

What got me to try?
Leprosy Bandages
(from The AntiCraft blog)

I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to try to make a few bandages. Nothing fancy, just single crochet for a few feet. Maybe not exciting, but good for practice and it is learning something new.

And then I catch myself eying the old orange and green acrylic zig-zag afghan from the 70s, trying to figure out how it was made.... This may just be one small step on the path to doom...

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