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I started off the Tour de Fleece with the grand plan of spinning up one 1 lb. braid of fiber. With that goal, I failed.

At the first, I felt I had plenty of time. I wanted to finish up a project that I had just barely started at Knitting Pirate's house. I spun a lot of merino that I had fed through a drum carder. Tore the bats into little hand size bits and spun them from the fold. The finished two-ply is really soft and snuggly. I look forward to knitting with it.

Green Merino - Loose

I spun from the beginning of the tour until the second rest day, and then things fell apart. Too many things going on in my life and a trip to prepare for. Some days the spinning was very light and some of it was on my drop spindle because I was out and about. And because of these, I only had two bobbins of singles to show by the end of the tour. I had spun 8 oz. and still had 8 oz. to go.

TdF Corriedale singles - Set

I finished up the fourth bobbin last night. About a month late, but I persevered. I'm looking forward to plying them soon. I had spun from the top in a few different ways, so it will be interesting to see how these look when finally plied together.

TdF Corriedale singles - Bobbins 1 & 4
Bobbins 1 and 4, to be plied together.

TdF Corriedale singles - Bobbins 2 &3
Bobbins 2 and 3.

Hope to have a progress report soon... and maybe finish off that spindle spinning...
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