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Back at home and back to my stash. This has lead to full-on fiber flirtation. I keep thinking about all the things I could be spinning or playing with, but unable to commit to any of them at the moment.

While in Brazil, I finished a project that has been on my spindle for a good year and a half.
Brasil - Loose
The fiber is some blue/green/yellow merino that [ profile] lunassa sent me ages ago when she was tired to death of the colors. This is half the braid she sent me. The other half has been drum carded and will be spun up some day.

I finished spinning the last single while in Brazil, and then wound the two singles into a ball for plying.
Brasil - Plying Ball

I worked on plying it while I was there.
Brasil - Midst of Plying

I didn't finish until I was back in Iowa though.
Full Plying Spindle
It made for a very fat spindle with about 4 ounces of fiber on it.

But it is a very lovely skein now that it is finished.
Brasil - Skein
I don't have all the details on it. It is merino, I think, and about 4 ounces. It is at least 700 yards and is somewhere in the lace to fingering weight. I haven't measured it yet.

Yesterday I went to Craft Day and played with the hostess's Strauch Finest. I took some fiber that [ profile] metachaos had dyed but wasn't pleased with and fed it through with some additions.

Woodsy Batts
Corriedale in brown and green tones, although the green is hard to see in this photo. I added some bamboo noils for some texture (the white spots you can see). Took about three passes to get it dispersed through the batt in a pleasing way. About 4 ounces total.

Ocean Batts
Blue-faced Leicester in blue/green/yellow (what? why are you looking at me that way?) that is incredibly soft. I'm looking forward to spinning this since it seems much finer than other BFL I've touched. Added a touch of firestar in blue/green shades to the batts, but it pretty subtle. Ran them through two times although a third pass might not be bad.

So this just starts me off to wanting to play with my fibers even more, but unable to decide what to do just yet. Last night, at least, my solution was to knit more so I can move things through my queue and it will be easier to decide.
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