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Back at home and back to my stash. This has lead to full-on fiber flirtation. I keep thinking about all the things I could be spinning or playing with, but unable to commit to any of them at the moment.

While in Brazil, I finished a project that has been on my spindle for a good year and a half.
Brasil - Loose
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So this just starts me off to wanting to play with my fibers even more, but unable to decide what to do just yet. Last night, at least, my solution was to knit more so I can move things through my queue and it will be easier to decide.
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Spinning's been a comfort for me lately. It was something I could do when my left wrist hurt, and it was something I could do with [ profile] metachaos when she was staying with us.

First, a sad thing. The connector between the treadle and the footman broke, so I had to send off the treadle to be fixed.
Rune's New Bucket
Rune liked her new bucket.
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Fiber Pile
Now, over a month later, I'm getting around to posting about Yarn School. Nikol made her post about it and I went "oh yea, I still need to do that." more below, because I like pictures )
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Most recent box, payment for services from [ profile] lunassa.

(All kind of goodies, from odds and ends of fibers to try and two lovely skeins of sock yarn she dyed.)

Most amusing box, yarn from a co-worker's trip to Germany.

Especially, the note.

(Full of interesting stuff, featuring some yarns I've never seen or heard of before. The best is the yarn estimates for sweaters for men, women and children on the labels of some of the fine sockweight yarns.)
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A few things on my mind...

I picked up this book recently and it is wonderful. Full of information with nice patterns to illustrate and a humorous tone of voice make it a great read so far.

And this is a lovely gift, hand-dyed braid of merino by my talented friend, Robyn. Oh the colors are lovely.

And last night, I worked on organizing my stash and adding new yarns and fibers to it... and I seriously must stop acquiring more stuff for the time being until I've whittled it down. I don't have room to start expanding to more boxes! (Of course, this might just mean I "find a home" for my crap acrylic...)
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Over Thanksgiving, I had time to finish one knitting project, although I worked on at least four others as well.

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