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Spinning's been a comfort for me lately. It was something I could do when my left wrist hurt, and it was something I could do with [ profile] metachaos when she was staying with us.

First, a sad thing. The connector between the treadle and the footman broke, so I had to send off the treadle to be fixed.
Rune's New Bucket
Rune liked her new bucket.
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So the important decisions in life:
Sock Yarn Threesome
Which sock pattern do I want to knit next? (Ignoring the fact that I haven't yet finished my first sock of the current pair.) 'Vog On, Teosinte, or Monkey.
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I've been spinning but not posting...

"Gin and Tonic" romney by Spunky Eclectic.
Gin and Tonic - Skein detail
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Oh, so behind with photos of my spinning! I have another 4 ounces done and ready to be photographed, but I haven't posted these yet!

"Twilight" from

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When heading out to visit my parents, I realized I had a whole car to myself, so I decided to bring along Philomena and some spinning fiber. I brought along about 20 oz total of spinning fiber (various types), intending on spinning it up while visiting. What I've finished so far...

"Sarah" from

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This fiber gave me the fits. It was oddly prepared and had to be coaxed into something spinnable. It was short stapled and I flipped out at it a few times and put it into time out when I wasn't able get it twisted enough to stay together. I spun the sunshine-colored stuff in a fit of frustration with the purple.

But it looks like something real. It looks actually like yarn. Certainly not perfect, but it looks, and feels good (especially if you ignore all the knots in the underplied spots).

And now it goes to live with [ profile] metachaos, who will hopefully knit something mindless for herself out of it.
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Most recent box, payment for services from [ profile] lunassa.

(All kind of goodies, from odds and ends of fibers to try and two lovely skeins of sock yarn she dyed.)

Most amusing box, yarn from a co-worker's trip to Germany.

Especially, the note.

(Full of interesting stuff, featuring some yarns I've never seen or heard of before. The best is the yarn estimates for sweaters for men, women and children on the labels of some of the fine sockweight yarns.)
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Leah gifted me with two lovely skeins of her handspun for winning her blogoversary contest. Soft like kittens! I can't help fondling them.

One more, to look at that softness.

My lovely [ profile] silere had another turn around the sun, and I sent her this necklace.

Lovely little rainbows.

And a pale delicacy.
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Lots of time for travel and health issues, but not much time for photos, so I tried to remedy that today.

First section: Gifts

A beautiful gift from the next door neighbor.

Hand beaded choker in a rattlesnake pattern. Made to fit my tiny neck. I feel really honored and thankful for this gift.
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The fastest socks in existence!

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After my travels, I have a few photos...of yarn and things made from yarn. The only other photos I managed were some blurry cats and some typical "oh, it's a lake" shots. Didn't manage to take any of the lovely autumn leaves in Ontario, unfortunately.

I did knit a hat though.

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Lovely hand-dyed sock yarn by [ profile] lunassa. Yarns are Fetish Merino in Old Roses and Rich Earth and Fetish Superwash in Roller Derby and Water Melon.
Check out her website, Phoenix Fiberworks, and Etsy shop!
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Back from vacation...

Picked this guy up at Anthrocon.

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Time for pictures...

Progress on the Star Stitch mitts. Now past this point.

Started a hat from my huge skein of black alpaca.

Smooshy sock yarn by Dream in Color Yarn. Lovely rich red!

Some local Iowa handspun! Fell in love with the color. Thinking a hat or something since it is so soft and smooshy to touch.
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What I've been up to lately...

Finished up the leg warmers! Except for that pesky weaving in ends thing...

I have a pair of socks! These are a super quick knit, just as the Harlot says.

This is my third or fourth try at the star-stitch part of these. I'm trying Sarah's technique for the star stitches and I like how it is turning out. Difficult part is working in the increases and changing over the stitches at the beginning of the rows. Still, love the mittens and how the colors look together.

Started a baby blanket for a friend who is due this summer. Yarn feels absolutely squishy and soft and the stitch pattern really works well with it. Yarn is Blue Sky Organic Cotton in a natural greenish shade (no dye!).

Bought some TOFUtsies yarn in a pretty colorway. The ball has a lot of knots in it, so I'm not really sure how well this is going to work out. Still! the fiber content is interesting, 50% superwash wool, 25% soysilk, 22.5% cotton and 2.5% CHITIN. Yep, shells of shellfish.

Decided I wanted to try plying, so I spun up two new singles and then spun them together. Not sure how successful it was, but it was a learning experience. And now I can say "I've made yarn!"
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Usually when visiting the DC area, I like to head back to Kentucky on Saturday. Gives me a day to rest up and get everything back in place before I have to work. Upon the suggestion of the Knitting Pirate I decided to put it off until Sunday and.... go to Maryland Sheep and Wool.

We didn't didn't arrive at the crack of dawn to rush the gates, but we did head out early (for us, on a weekend) and got there before the morning was over.

To put it simply, it was overwhelming. To scout everything before deciding on items to purchase is impossible. You need to plan your prime targets and hit them quickly and then meander around and see what else there is. Evidence of this with The Fold's booth, which was almost stripped (excepting certain colorways) of Socks That Rock yarn. I managed to snag a nice colorway called Footzey Foo.

But that is a thought about what to do for next year. MD Sheep and Wool is a wonderful place to learn things. We watched a gentleman demonstrate how to make brooms with his 150 year old simple yet well designed machines. There were all sorts of animals and fibers to be experienced as well. There were sheep (of course), goats, llamas, alpacas and rabbits around to meet and we fondled yarns made from their fibers. (Llama is surprisingly soft!)

We were in an alpaca booth, commenting on how roving isn't dangerous to us (unlike yarn) since we don't spin (yet)... and then were then snapped up by a lady who took about 10 minutes to show us both how to spin with a drop spindle she had on her and gave us the basics for what to look for in roving. We then spent the rest of the day looking for lightweight spindles (with another lesson on what to look for in a drop spindle by a booth owner) to learn on and some starter roving. We ended up with 1.1 ounce spindles and about a half pound of multicolored Romney roving to play with.

Near the end, we managed to meet up with [ profile] aurenta and her friend, which was wonderful as I haven't seen her in ages, and wandered around and chatted before they had to leave. We managed a bit more shopping after that but it was near the end and shops were closing up. Next year, get there earlier!

That evening we dropped everything and spun up singles with our new spindles and roving. :)

So now, pictures...

The pirate and I each bought a skein of this colorway of Fleece Artist sock yarn

The Socks That Rock I snagged

Half pound bag of Romney roving

Spindle with single from the roving on it.

Wrapped the single around my hand some to show it off.

Finer than I had managed before, although I need to practice to make it more uniform.
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All right, I'm having trouble deciding what I sock pattern and yarn I want to knit with next.

Here's the group shot...

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Green Yarn Green Yarn
Green yarn for a future project. Cascade 220 9460 and 9338.
Rose Hand-dyed Rose Hand-dyed
More of Rebelle Robyn's lovely hand-dyed merino.
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Gryffindor scarf for Maia Gryffindor scarf for Maia
Finally finished. Plymouth Encore Worsted in 999 and 1014.
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Artsy Sock Yarn Artsy Sock Yarn
Had to take a shot including all the yarn. Cherry Tree Hill in the foreground, Fleece Artist in the back.
Life's A Beach swatch Life's A Beach swatch
Swatching for my next pair of socks. Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, in Life's a Beach
Fleece Artist yarn Fleece Artist yarn
Two lovely colorways of Fleece Artist sock yarn, Hercules and Nova Scotia.
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